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Closing Costs

Getting into a real estate transaction can get really stressful, but only when it is not dealt professionally and under the guidance of an expert. What are going to be my total closing costs is the most common question which is asked.

Apart from legal fees, are there any other costs ?

– Yes, there are third party costs like fees payable for registration of transfer and charge. ($142.60)
– Then there is cost of title insurance for your property. (Depends on the purchase price – talk to us and we can give you the exact amount based on the price)


Typical Sale (1 mortgage, no other issues on title) – Upto 500k

Fees : $400
Disbursements – $150
Law Society Levy – $65
Software Charges – $20
Total – $635 + HST = $717.55

Typical Purchase (1 mortgage with bank) – Upto 500k

Fees – $475
Searches – $150
Disbursements – $150
Regn costs paid to government – $142.60
Software charges – $20
Title Insurance – $325
Total – $1262.60 + HST = $1426.73

+ Applicable Land Transfer Tax

If the company you have chosen is reliable enough, then it is time to know that, they can help in each and every aspect of the deal. Moreover, Closing Cost In Oakville which is one of the most important points of any deal will also become easier to handle.

So, you need to depend on a company or individual who can deal with the matter without creating further complications for you. So, while researching for the most suitable option, it is also quite important to know that, searching their profiles for the information on Closing Cost In Mississauga charges will prove to be most beneficial. This way; you will have a better idea on the whole matter which can then be used to find out the perfect option which can help with the real estate deal you are to do.

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